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Network Attached Storage (NAS)

These are file-level computer data storage attached to a computer network providing data access to a diverse group of clients. NAS not only operates as a file server, but also specialized in this task either by its hardware, software, or configuration of those elements. NAS are often manufactured as a computer appliance – a specialized computer built from the ground up for storing and serving files – rather than simply a general purpose computer being used for the role.

External Hard Drive

Is a portable storage device that can be attached to a computer through a USB or wireless. External hard drives typically have high storage sizes and are often used to back up computers or serve as a network drive.

Backup Software: Windows Backup, Shadow Protect

Shadow Protect

Is StorageCraft’s backup and disaster recovery solution for windows. It allows the users to schedule (or manually create) everyday, image-based backups of their local disks and store them on disk-based or network destinations. The backup images include all files, settings, programs and operating system files on the volume, and are an exact depiction of the entire volume at the time the backup was created.

Windows Backup

Creates safety copies of your most important personal files, to help make you prepared for the worst. Let Windows choose what to back up, or pick individual folders, libraries, and drives yourself. Windows can back up files on whatever schedule you choose—just set it and forget it. You can back up to another drive or a DVD.


Benefit From Our IT Consultancy Services

It is a general phenomenon occurring across various suburbs like Figtree, Shell Harbour, Corrimal, Fairy Meadow, Unanderra, Warrawong, Dapto, Kiama etc where a large number of companies are finding it difficult to cope up with fast paced environments. Outdated systems, insecure data and poorly configured networks can affect your business a lot in terms of productivity, performance and revenues. If such is the case of your company too, you need to see a professional IT Consultant.

PCC Computers is a well-known technology service provider, delivering robust IT Consultancy to an array of businesses from various industries and sectors. We have a special competence in Small Business Servers and Maintenance Contracts, combined with additional services like computer repairs, service upgrades, software support and PC support. Our IT Consultancy Services are majorly targeted in assisting clients with:

  • Strategizing and executing IT Infrastructure, Networking and System Configuration.
  • Maintaining and upgrading existing client-side technologies for optimal performance.
  • Providing security and organization to your company’s critical business data.

Our belief in satisfying our clients and their requirements has been instrumental in our success as a fast growing IT Consultancy Services company. Contact us today for further details and share your needs with our qualified consultants.


Hire Us to Setup Your Email Systems

It is rightly said that the loss of emails is directly proportional to financial loss. If the email systems of your company are not well set, you may face several troubles in terms of sales, customer service and process management. For a corporate environment, it is better to have a desktop solution that sends and receives emails on the go without the need to log in time and again for these functions. PCC Computers is a resourceful IT Support Services company, with our managed IT services extending to Email Configuration, Installation, and Support. With us, you are rest assured of firmly set email servers that manage the entire load of mails for you in an automated manner. Our Email Solutions include:

  • MS Outlook – A proven and tested industry favourite, the Outlook Email Solution can help you streamline all emails on the go.
  • Outlook Express – Similar to MS Outlook, this is another solution from Microsoft that we deploy according to client requirements.
  • Gmail – Available over the internet, Gmail is Google’s making, allowing you to set-up and execute a very efficient mailing desk.

PC Repairs, PC Support and Upgrading IT Services

Your systems should not outdate themselves for your company to keep delivering higher performance, productivity levels and profits. In a competitive market, having latest technologies that are in trend matters a lot for your business enterprise. For many years now, we have been offering computer repairing, tune-up and upgrading services to small and medium companies based across several suburbs including Figtree, Shell Harbour, Corrimal, Fairy Meadow, Unanderra, Warrawong, Dapto, Kiama etc.
PCC Computers is a leading service provider in the field of computer upgrades, laptop repairs, Mac repairs, PC support and many more computer services. We are efficient in recognizing the technology needs of your company with complete focus on providing optimum satisfaction. As part of our services, you would be liable for

  • Back up of your entire data if we pursue the full re-installation course for any of your systems
  • Formatting of the Hard Drive and creation of suitable partitions
  • Memory upgrading through increase in RAM capacity for required computers
  • Installation of operating systems as per your requirements along with service packs, device drivers etc
  • Configuration of free antivirus or premium antivirus as per your requirement
  • Installation of utility software applications such as Nero, Acrobat Reader, Design Apps etc
  • Configuration of internet connections, networks, file sharing and printer sharing parameters
  • Computer system physical cleaning, resting of hardware and software
  • Email setup, printer setup, scanner setup etc

For more details, you can contact us and request for a quote. We will ensure that your systems are tuned-up and upgraded within a short time span.


Maintain Your Systems, Clean Their Insides!

Information Technology relies on the concepts of mechanics and electronics to function smoothly. While we speak about it in these terms, it is natural that your computer systems, network devices and other equipment may face problems of some or the other kind. You indeed require the professional services of a managed service provider as us.
PCC Computers has been delivering PC Repair, PC Maintenance, Computer Repair, System Maintenance and Network Maintenance services to various business clients across Figtree, Shell Harbour, Corrimal, Fairy Meadow, Unanderra, Warrawong, Dapto, Kiama etc
We excel at various activities involved in PC Repairs and Maintenance as follows:

  • Security – We assist you in addressing your company’s Spyware, Malware and Trojan issues along with viruses. We can also install and deploy robust security management antivirus solutions as per your requirements.
  • System Updating – We help you perform periodic system updates aimed at keeping everything up to date with all the new versions of software, applications and system files installed
  • Disk Cleanup – We render our services in cleaning up the hard disks for all of your systems and server computers, with emphasis on sector wise clean-up along with defragmentation if required
  • Folder Maintenance – We delete all temporary files and folders, folders that are not required are backed up, all broken shortcuts are either rectified or deleted and internet files are deleted for fresh cookies and certificates

Contact us if you are having any of these above mentioned requirements and our service engineers can get things done for you quickly.