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XG2530 24.5in 240Hz FreeSync Gaming Monitor

The ViewSonic XG2530 is an esports monitor featuring a lightning-quick native refresh rate of 240Hz and blazing-fast response time, which come together to deliver the smoothest and most fluid gameplay to date during fast-paced action scenes, letting you track, aim, and attack your target with ease, especially during tense competitive gameplay. In addition to various presets for FPS, RTS, MOBA, as well as user customisable modes, this competitive gaming monitor comes equipped with the ColorX mode preset, specially tailored to deliver the best performance for Overwatch gameplay, including the highest refresh rate, fastest response time and optimal colour performance; gamers can switch on these optimised performance settings with the push of a button. The monitor also provides more finely tunable settings adjustments including, 5-levels of response time adjustment, 22-levels of black stabilisation, and an array of aspect ratio configuration, giving you a moldable arsenal of customisations to fit your specific style of gameplay.